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Q. How will the Online Marketing Manager™ Certification (OMMC) improve my business?

OMMC improves a business in a number of ways. First, it’s an explicit statement of professionalism, increasingly recognized by potential clients. It will help differentiate your company from your competitors. Professionals that have already obtained their OMMC designation told us that the exercise has helped them improve their processes, identify inefficiencies, cut costs and reduce business risks. Based on feedback from professionals that have completed the OMMC, the process has helped them be more agile when submitting PQQs and RFPs, as well as having the right processes in place to facilitate a growing workforce.

Q. What are the main benefits of achieving my OMMC designation?

– Partner with your clients and drive results
– Better customer service and loyalty
– External recognition in the marketplace
– Improved business prospects and earning capabilities

Q. What is the OMM certification process?

Completing Assignments

Assignments are required for a number of the modules and must be satisfactorily completed prior to receiving certification. All assignments are manually reviewed and feedback will be provided.

Completing the Case Study/Final Exam

Students will be provided with a case study whereby they will complete and present a complete online marketing plan for one client product or program.

The Path Forward

In today’s online business world, it is increasingly important to upgrade your credentials, stay relevant, and continue to develop your skills.

Business owners are looking for confident, trained and knowledgeable professionals to help them move their business forward. That could be YOU, as a Certified Online Marketing Manager™ (OMMC).

Q. Why Was the OMMC Created?

The OMMC program was created to provide online support professionals, with a relevant and fit for purpose ‘stamp’ of professionalism.

Q. Who do I contact for help?

The OMMC team are here to help with any questions you may have, or assistance with progressing through the scheme. Email us directly at support (at) ommcertification.com.