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The Online Marketing Manager Certification Program is led by Pam Ivey and provided in conjunction with the International Association of Online Marketing Managers (IAOMM).


IAOMMThe International Association of Online Marketing Managers supports its members in the continued development of online marketing management skills, underlying knowledge and professional growth, and to enhance business opportunities and contributions to the online community.

IAOMM supports those individuals and firms that provide online marketing management services.

The Association is proactive in encouraging its members to further their education and enhance their business opportunities by continuously upgrading their skills and professionalism. Association members are encouraged to obtain the Certified Online Marketing Manager (OMMC) designation.


Pam IveyPam wants to live in a world filled with innovative and profitable businesses, powerful laptops that come bundled with Dare Ultimate Fudge cookies, and a force field around her keyboard that repels cats.

An online business owner for more than 15 years, Pam built and grew a large successful virtual assistance team and after a great deal of experience, certifications and designations, moved into training and coaching business owners to profitably build and grow their businesses. She also trains and certified Professional Real Estate Assistants through her one-of-a-kind comprehensive program. Pam was also nominated for the coveted Canadian RBC Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award five years in a row, and has been featured in several Internet marketing, real estate and support professional articles, telesummits, radio shows, stages at live events and publications.

When she’s not speaking, coaching or creating courses to help small business owners and real estate professionals prosper and grow, you can find her surfing the ‘Net plotting her next travel destination, hanging out with her best buddies watching the latest flick, or snuggling upon the sofa with the world’s cutes kittens, Zoe and Shayla.

Get (free) practical, doable tips on how to get more visibility, leads and sales in a way that makes people want to pay attention, raise their hand, and ultimately buy, right here at pamivey.com.